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I am Bryan and designer of the Sequoia Drive Lights and along with my family, we put on a Christmas lighting display every year.  My Motto is giving back to the community. 

I have been doing Christmas lighting displays since 1997 where I started with the incandescent light bulb and did that for about 6 years, before string LED lights started to make there way into the Christmas lighting display. In 2012 I moved into computer controlled lights with Light O'rama controllers and used them for basic static displays. In 2014 I moved into Xlights, along with upgrading to Falcon controllers for a more interactive display that involves sequencing my display to music. 

I am a member of the Auslighting club and Xlights member. To get into this hobby, you don't need a electronics background, but a basic understanding. I have a electronics trade, IT certificates but there is plenty of help to get anyone into this hobby. 

It is not a cheap hobby with each main controller costing about $350 USD to build and the remote boards about $100 USD to build. 

Xlights 3d computer display. 

This how I design and map my layout. Each display model has assigned controller/port/channel and display position so that xlights knows where things are and renders the display you see. 

xlights screen.jpg

All About Me

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