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2023 Lighting Display

Welcome to Sequoia Drive Lights 2023 display. This year we have just under 30000 pixel light in our display. The display is sequenced to 36 different songs, which means 36 different patterns viewable on our display. Again, tune to 94.1 to listen to the music and watch the lights. We have radios in the yard that allow you to listen outside your car, just walking with the family as you go past. We thank you for coming and watching our display. 


This is an all year project from design, making, implementing and lots of repairs.

 This year, It has taken over 180hr to setup this display. We have over 700m of network cable, 600m of model cable (cable from controller to Models) and 180m of 240v extension cables in weather proof cases and shielding. Each Sequence, Some purchased, some designed from scratch can take about 20-30 hours to get it ready to upload to the show computer. In previous years, we ran Xschedule from a laptop, but this year is the first year running the show of a raspberry pi 4B, this little mighty computer runs of Falcon pi player software (FFP for short) and brings you the show. 

As for the last 3 years, we have used the remote falcon website to bring the interaction to the viewer and allow for songs. The last few years have presented problems with the laptop freezing up when polling the remote falcon webserver,  it is one of the reasons we moved to the Pi to interact with remote falcon.  Again enjoy the effort we do to bring you the lights of Sequoia Drive Lights.  

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